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From one hectare of garlic a day to sell more than 10 thousand yuan to be guaranteed from taking garlic garlic to grab No one shows any interest in this year, Nong'an County, Jilin Province, northeast of the main production areas of garlic garlic farmers as the roller coaster ride, garlic into gambling game. "Garlic you ruthless" to "garlic you miserable", the rapid change in the face of agricultural products, who is behind the push hands? What are the worries? How many species? "Garlic you miserable," early warning Changchun Yongchang City, almost every corner of the market stall had a small bulk garlic, a street vendor said, garlic prices from the beginning of the 12 yuan per kilogram to 6 yuan, "every family can not buy much garlic, many farmers high prices, the market is so big, certainly will fall." Street vendor said. Vendors of "theory" get garlic broker Yang Shoukui confirmed that the operation of garlic business more than 20 years he is familiar with local every piece of garlic, "Nong'an County Halahai Township, poplar Township in garlic garlic producing areas of about 4000 hectares this year, at least up to 5000 hectares." A Shandong garlic merchants said that last year and this year before the garlic planting, the price is too high, Shandong, Henan and other major producing areas garlic farmers planting enthusiasm high, "I estimate that planting area growth of more than 20%, output growth is higher."."